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About Empwr

Empwr.life is a comprehensive integrated wellness system backed by science and a patent-pending Al engine. The system is delivered by using a simple, fun, and engaging app. We believe the solution to our country's wellness system lies in proactive and preventative measures.

Our end-to-end solution is evidence-based, relying on proven techniques and state-of-the-art technology for the best personalized integrated wellness solutions.

Our Goals


Personalized wellness from any place

empwr.life is personalized emotional
wellness for the whole person,
regardless of where they are in


Identify potential wellness issues and focus on complete wellness

EMPWR is designed to drive:
– Prediction of potential wellbeing issues. Focused on total wellness


The solution for better wellness is Empwr.life

Utilize AI and evidence-based practices to identify, prevent, and intervene in wellness needs


The solution for better wellness is Empwr.life

Integrate all facets of your health EMPWR to provide better mood, reduced stress, and improved health


The solution for better wellness is Empwr.life

Use biomarkers (genomic, microbiome, behavioral, and physical wellness) to identify root causes and make personalized recommendations


The solution for better wellness is Empwr.life

Provide improved quality of care, productivity gain, and better quality of life

Life Changing Results

Discover a New Approach to Integrated wellness that places the power of health back in your hands.


Simple to use

Try Empwr today at no cost and get empowered to a meaningful and healthier life.

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ExperienceAI and evidence-based practices

Using biomarkers, the platform can identify root causes and make personalized recommendations, provide a clear understanding of risks and suggest solutions.


Preventive and continued care

YubiHealth creates a personalized targeted plan and provides accountability for a healthy lifestyle and stress management goals.


Personalized Options & Holistic Wellness

Individual needs are assessed to provide curated recommendations for improving diet, exercise, sleep, meditation, relationship help, mood management, and more. When needed concierge care is provided.